Loyal Source, a leading provider of healthcare and IT/Engineering staffing services for government agencies and commercial clients nationwide, has made Providing Autism Links & Support (PALS) for University of Central Florida Center for Autism & Related Disabilities (UCF-CARD) their number one cause for raising funds and awareness for autism since 2008. As a direct result of the philanthropic efforts of Loyal Source, multiple community social inclusive opportunities have been created for individuals with autism, of all ages, within Central Florida, along with financial support for seasonal programs and therapeutic programs.

“Traditional mint juleps, large elaborate hats, the jubilee of the infield and the sophistication of millionaire’s row is Loyal Source’s Derby Day. Derby Day is an annual exciting, fantastic event that raises awareness for autism and related disorders. All proceeds raised at Derby Day Orlando benefit the 13,000 constituents and their family members registered with University of Central Florida Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (UCF-CARD) by funding community social interactive and therapeutic programs. Community Social and therapeutic  programs for UCF CARD constituents are  organized and funded by Providing Autism Links and Support (PALS), the official UCF CARD supporting non-profit organization. CARD and PALS provide free to extreme low cost supports and services to individuals of all ages with autism spectrum disorders. Come eat, drink and celebrate in sophisticated style with us and help us raise not only money but awareness for autism!”
~ Loyal Source

In 2008, Loyal Source founded Orlando’s Derby Day to assist in providing financial support to PALS (Providing Autism Links & Supports) to assist the UCF-CARD. Autism is now being diagnosed in 1 out of every 68 individuals in the world. Loyal Source is proud to do their part in raising awareness for autism, and making a difference for individuals and their families that live with autism in Central Florida.


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